My Story- Whatever you are, be a good one-Abraham Lincoln

It was on the morning of 31st December, 2012, I decided this is it. I am not the guy I look like in the mirror and definitely don’t feel nice. Back in my school days I was into sports and was quite lean. Physical activity was a major part of my life until college and I had complete control over myself. I managed to stay in shape and handled stress without much difficulty.

Then comes a point in everyone’s life when new priorities take over old ones. As you’re in the process of discovering yourself between the ages of 18-30, you tend to drift away from the basic fundamentals of well-being and the meaning of it changes every time you encounter something significant in that process. Starting a job, getting into a relationship, starting a family, the imperative of making a living as an engineer, physician, banker or an IT guy (most common of all professions), physical fitness takes a backseat. I am certain a lot of folks will relate to what I am saying. Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted to look and feel good in my skin, however, this particular “want” became a subconscious desire when life happened to me as a young adult. Got settled in a decent job. Marriage happened. Started a family. I was able to afford essential material possessions (house, car ETC). Was drawn to alcohol and smoking, the most misleading attractions one can have as a young adult. All of this was indicative of a prosperous and affluent lifestyle I was leading. I was very happy, however, deep down, there was no contentment.

The need to unwind with alcohol after a hard day’s work felt deserving and most rewarding. You’re told as a child that every stage in your life you need to look and behave in a certain manner. Our society demonstrates this to a great extent. When in school, there is a certain way. After you have a family and get a job there is a certain way. That was me happy in my comfort zone and did not want to embrace change no matter what. The consequences were negative. Life was losing purpose and I started losing control of myself both mentally and physically. I would often reflect on thoughts like, is it worth it to change yourself now? What am I going to gain out of it?

That was it. I decided this is not me and I will change the way I look and the way I feel.


It’s been 4 years since my transformation. I have maintained my current self for all these years and it’s here for everyone to look at.

There has been a lot of hard work and dedication which has led to this little achievement of mine. The reason I am sharing this here is cause I want everyone to understand it is possible. I am a regular 36 year old married guy with a beautiful wife and children. I hold a very rewarding and demanding job, yet, life can throw you down sometimes. However, I always make time for exercise. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week no matter what goes on in other areas of my life. I have trained my mind to not accept failure and I am always looking to become a better version of myself. I eat clean and make my meals interesting, but, above all, I do not wish to lead an average life.

Yes you have to be willing to work your ass off and sacrifice a few goodies down the road, but let me tell you the reward is more than gratifying. Once you work hard and put your mind to it, you can go out there and achieve whatever you want, the world is yours.

In this process I have been inspired by a lot of people directly and indirectly. There was always solid determination on my part to achieve this cause I believed I could do it. That’s where I won half the battle. It’s always you vs you first.

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  1. Poulami choudhury says:

    Hi !!!
    Super proud !

    Give me a diet chart with a workout plan for the next 4 months . 😊

  2. Mickey says:

    So proud of you Rishi! Keep going buddy!

  3. Shaunak Bagaria says:

    Truly inspirational Rishi!! Kudos

  4. Md. Salim says:

    Indeed looking at you so closely all these years , who says that transformation is not possible ?
    Great effort. Great results.
    We all look forward for definite path of success over failure , being fit over obese.
    All the best.

  5. Fabian says:

    Awesome.. inspired!!

  6. Rahul says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!!! Hats off 2 you.

  7. Arpita says:

    Awesome… Brilliant…… Keep it up. U can be inspiration to many. Kudos

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