Fat loss!!! Why is it such a big deal? Let’s understand this.

To lose weight or fat you will need to understand calorie management- BMR and Maintenance calories

What is Basal metabolic rate.

BMR is the energy in calories required by your body each day to function properly.

To calculate your BMR, take your body weight in pounds and multiply it with ten. For example, you weigh 175 lbs(79 kgs) you BMR will be 1750 calories a day to stay in a rested state and not do anything. Now you need to calculate your maintenance Calories.

Maintenance calories are your BMR calories + the amount of calories that you expend throughout the day on going around doing your daily activities (for example walking or playing sports). The estimated BMR value is multiplied by a number that corresponds to the individual’s activity level.

How are maintenance calories calculated? The Harris Benedict Principle

BMR multiplied by 1.2-1.4. If you’re a fairly active person you will be closer to the 1.4 range, if not that active then closer to 1.2 range. Safest is in the middle.

Weight in LBS BMR Maintenance Total Maintenance calories
175 10 1750 1.3 2275


Now, if you want to drop weight, just eat below your maintenance (which is referred to as a caloric deficit) or increase your level of activity, (workout) which will increase calorie expenditure. In other words, we expend more calories than we consume resulting in weight loss.

Remember, awareness precedes success! When you know how it needs to be done all you need is a plan and execute. I will help you with all the information.


How we manage our calories and macro nutrients is a topic I will discuss in my next article.


Life is too short to be average so get up and take charge today!


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  1. Arnold ray says:

    The blog is very accurate and motivating. Accurate in the sense that,it tells us exactly what an average working person goes through in his daily life, be it a student also. Inspite of that it is still possible to reach your goal, be it in fitness or in life. Everything else seems brilliant!!. Feels very motivated to start already!! Hope to read the next articles soon!!

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