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Thou shalt know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Eat that fat and fat shall set you free!

Eat fat and lose fat! Don’t believe me. Well I didn’t either. After I started practicing it, I saw extraordinary results. I have touched on the benefits of eating fats in one of my articles, however, I haven’t given you details about its fat burning potential as a lifestyle diet. What if I told you that by eating 70% fats…read more
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How many of us pay attention to this? Pre and post workout nutrition! the game changer!

There are 2 kinds of people. First-who visit the gym to visit the gym. Purpose-a little bit of exercise and more of fashion, trend, good for the image, social requirement kind of thing. Second- People who are serious about making a change in their physical and mental well-being. This is a minority and my article today, is for the second…read more
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To egg or not to egg, is the question. Lets find out what this has to offer!

Eggs are bad for you! Eating too many eggs will increase your blood cholesterol!!! Really? A few years ago if anyone had to have a conversation with me on the topic of cholesterol and fat, I would have agreed on most of these claims. However, the truth is different. Time to bust some myths and tell you about the “Big…read more
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You are what you lift!!! Heavy volume training and its benefits!

You sure have heard the phrase “you are what you eat” Let me introduce you to something similar that applies to this sport, “You are what you lift!!!” Diet in my view is critical, however, when it comes to overall aesthetics, training is non-negotiable and plays a pivotal role in developing your physique. There are plenty of approaches one can…read more
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You’re doing your food wrong-Let’s learn how to set up Macros

Food and calorie management-How to set up your Macros The most fascinating of all topics. This was my biggest learning curve. Grinding at the gym daily and not following a proper diet was a classic of sorts I would do. My mantra was, as long as I am working out, I am healthy. Diet was always insignificant. I had no…read more