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Don’t know how to begin your physical transformation? Here are 3 steps to get you started

Picture from last week( don't miss the time stamp on the bottom right😉) I have been training for 8 long years and people often ask me, what does it take?  Well, for starters, I have always said weight loss programs and diet plans are short lived. It is a lifestyle change. You must plan your life around your active physical…read more
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The Most Practiced Winter Hacks on Weight Management

There has been a long tradition and an ancient evolutionary predisposition in the fitness industry that winter is the bulking season. Summer has always been about getting lean and building that beach physique and winter on the other hand, christened as the bulking season allows you bump up the calories and gain a bit of weight. The tradition goes back to the…read more
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The 2nd transformation-My Anaobolic story!

My transformation clip!   The conventional belief in the non-fitness community goes like this, you build a physique and it remains with you till the time you grow old and are ready to push up daisies ( an expression for when you’re dead) The reality, however, is far from this. A well-built physique requires years of work, discipline, and dedication…read more
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Communication-A predisposed skill-set?

You are born into this world crying and everyone around is smiling in joy. That is the first set of communication exchange you experience. It is fluid and effortless ‘casue it conforms with the rules of human existence. The art of communication is preconfigured in our DNA and it is the greatest instrument one has and must develop to survive…read more
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Autophagy Fasting-What the heck is this now?

Thirty-three days and counting. That’s how long it’s been since my part of the world shut down community engagement. Just a better way to express the unprecedented f**k up. The minority population of the exercise community, the athletes, serious gym goers etc, will always find a way to stay in the game, however, for the rest of the folks ,…read more
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Fitness and Stoicism!

Fitness and stoicism  Good to have you folks back. Now that the 'teens have come to an end, let's start the year with some insight on how one can adapt or transition into a lifestyle which has a set of guidelines on better living, however, there is no fixed agenda. You evolve with experience and something called reflective equilibrium. I…read more