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Boozing and Beasting! Can you down that mixer and still exercise? Let’s find out

If you're reading this, you probably are a regular gym enthusiast and not a professional bodybuilder. 'Cause professional bodybuilders lead an extremely strict lifestyle and do not indulge in anything which could be counterproductive to their goals. This article is for the regular gymrat who wants to get there and still be able to enjoy the good life! Now, just…read more
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Vegetarian bodybuilding! Can you get them gainz on a vegetarian diet? Let’s science this out!

This one comes with a disclaimer. If you’re a plant eating being or someone who lives on fruits and salads, this article might get the better of you. You might even end up swearing! Let me clear this beforehand, the viewpoint expressed in this article is strictly from a bodybuilding standpoint and has nothing against non-active plant eating beings. The…read more
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Thou shalt know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Eat that fat and fat shall set you free!

Eat fat and lose fat! Don’t believe me. Well I didn’t either. After I started practicing it, I saw extraordinary results. I have touched on the benefits of eating fats in one of my articles, however, I haven’t given you details about its fat burning potential as a lifestyle diet. What if I told you that by eating 70% fats…read more
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How many of us pay attention to this? Pre and post workout nutrition! the game changer!

There are 2 kinds of people. First-who visit the gym to visit the gym. Purpose-a little bit of exercise and more of fashion, trend, good for the image, social requirement kind of thing. Second- People who are serious about making a change in their physical and mental well-being. This is a minority and my article today, is for the second…read more
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To egg or not to egg, is the question. Lets find out what this has to offer!

Eggs are bad for you! Eating too many eggs will increase your blood cholesterol!!! Really? A few years ago if anyone had to have a conversation with me on the topic of cholesterol and fat, I would have agreed on most of these claims. However, the truth is different. Time to bust some myths and tell you about the “Big…read more