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Should I Whey myself? All the fuss around the magical nectar!

Let’s talk about that one thing which is extremely popular and without which the average gym goer cannot survive. This is commonly used in the sport of Bodybuilding, yet most people don’t understand why it’s there and what is the function of the substance. The use of this substance is almost mechanical and considered a prerequisite. It is also extremely…read more
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Training in the gym made me stronger in the conference room!

Training in the gym and leading my life otherwise are two sides of the same coin for me. The sparring sessions off the office prepare me for battles in the conference room. Sooner than later you’ll have to acknowledge and understand the value of health in order to become good at what you do professionally. For all the new folks,…read more
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Your goals and your value system!

This is not a fitness post. It's about one's goals aligned with their value system. "I often get asked, why do I focus on training and nutrition like a performance athlete? Corporte job, family guy, training and eating this way does not make sense. What is the purpose? Well, It's a valid question. I have been training for the last…read more
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Corporate -Weight Loss Plan & Lifestyle!- This is the real deal!

Back in the day when I was starting out on my wellness journey, I had the good fortune of meeting an extremely accomplished coach. He began way before the dot com bubble and remains relevant till this day. That’s one of the primary reasons he is most revered and sought after aside from being a body of knowledge. An ever…read more
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Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die! This is the reason you’re not losing weight anymore!

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Written and sung by the late American singer Albert King. True isn’t it? How does this analogy apply to this piece in my opinion? Well, you’ll find out before it ends. So, you have been on a program trying to lose weight for a while and for some reason…read more
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What is best for fat loss, cardio or strength training?

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