Health & fitness consultant. I do what I love but the world calls it work!

Before I begin introducing myself, I want to thank Tej(TJ Anand) my friend and brother who made this site happen. Thank you for pushing me to do this buddy!

My name is Rishiraj Kapur. I work for an IT  & Telecommunication company. I am 37 years old, married and have two beautiful children. I have always believed in  the saying ” a sound mind is in a sound body.” Aside from living the 9-5 life, I love lifting weights. The sport has helped me find purpose and cultivate an extraordinary lifestyle where I am committed one hundred percent to my professional and personal goals.

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  1. Md Rajesh ( Henry ) says:

    If you are confused in the crossroad of fitness and health, this blog will point you to the right direction, very informative, thanks for sharing.

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